The Tapestri Platform


Untangle the Complexity of Cancer with True Multi-omics.

Gain the true single-cell picture to enable precise understanding

The Tapestri Platform is the oly system capable of simultaneously providing both genotype and phenotype data from the same cell, across thousands of single cells. With DNA as a foundation, our proprietary two-step microfluidic workflow enables the simultaneous detection of analytes, including SNVs, CNVs, and proteins. Meet the complexity of cancer with true multi-omics analysis.


Two steps. DNA + any analyte. Endless possibilities.
Our novel two-step microfluidic workflow is foundational to access DNA and protein in single cells, providing a true multi-omics picture. Combining two assays in a single integrated workflow saves costs and time, accelerating research and drug development pipelines.

Targeted and customizable.

Leverage curated pre-designed panels of DNA and surface protein targets, or create custom panels to suit your needs. Our optimized AI design pipeline will ensure a panel with high uniformity delivered in just weeks.

Confidence in a comprehensive end-to-end workflow.
With core reagent and cartridge kits to take you from single cells to a sequencing-ready library, leverage optimized analysis tools to convert your complex multi-dimensional, multi-analyte data to actionable insights.