MicroDrop digital PCR system


Micro Drop digital PCR is mainly through the limited dilution of the liquid phase of the PCR reaction system - a system is divided into tens of thousands of micro drops, each micro drop is an independent reaction unit, and the number of DNA template molecules in each reaction unit conforms to the Poisson distribution mathematical model. Finally, the fluorescence signal of each reaction unit is measured and calculated combined with Poisson distribution The absolute copy number of the sample was determined.


Brief introduction of the instrument:

The system consists of microdrop sample preparation instrument, microdrop? Biochip analyzer, quantdrop data analysis software, and can be equipped with brand sealing instrument, PCR instrument, etc.

Sample preparation instrument
● 8 samples were prepared in 2 minutes.
● One button automatic operation.
● Tens of thousands of nanoupgrading droplets were generated in 20 μ L system.
● The model microdrop-20 can generate 20000 microdrops at a time, with fast detection, guaranteed quality and high cost performance, which is suitable for most digital PCR application scenarios and import substitution.
● The model microdrop-100 can generate 100000 microdrops at a time, which is high-end and accurate. It has been approved with medical device registration certificate, and is suitable for the application of multiple digital PCR.

Droplet generation chip

● High precision micro droplet generation chip design, three-dimensional micro nano antifouling structure.

Biochip analyzer

● Fam / Vic dual channel fluorescence detection, support TaqMan probe method and evagreen dye method, support multiple digital PCR.
● The sample flux is up to 96 samples, which supports flexible setting.

Quantdrop analysis software

● Micro drop Digital PCR fully automatic data analysis, directly display the analysis results, using the latest industrial data standard format FCS 3.1, support the output of JPG / word format report.

Auxiliary reagent consumables

● More than 40 matching gene detection kits support customized development and application of reagents.

Product advantages

● The absolute quantification of nucleic acid can be achieved without relying on the standard curve of traditional fluorescent quantitative PCR.
● Fully enclosed anti pollution design, one button automatic operation.
● Water in oil emulsification technology is used to generate micro droplets. Driven by air pressure in micro channels, tens of thousands of micro droplets are generated in 2mins, which is highly efficient and high-yield
● Development of multiplex digital PCR.
● The micro droplet generation chip is a high-precision microfluidic chip with three-dimensional micro nano anti pollution structure. One chip can process eight samples at the same time.
● The dual channel fluorescence was used for droplet detection, which supported evagreen dye method and probe method.
● High detection flux, up to 96 samples can be detected at one time, supporting flexible setting.
● Full Chinese analysis software, user-friendly interface settings, a variety of analysis tools for users to choose.