Small animal live fluorescence imaging system



● Features

Sensitive and compact
· It is small and exquisite like a computer mainframe, which can save laboratory space.
· The maximum imaging area is 15×15cm, which can satisfy 3 mice imaging at the same time.

Fast imaging
· It uses sCMOS chip camera for imaging, with fast imaging speed, up to 34FPS high frame rate imaging, which can realize dynamic capture of sample signals.

Multiple light sources
· It can be equipped with 20 kinds of excitation light sources and 10 kinds of emission filters to meet the needs of fluorescence imaging experiments. It can be equipped with lasers for up-conversion fluorescence imaging.

Uniform fluorescence
· It adopts a ring-shaped symmetrical LED light source layout, the uniformity of fluorescence irradiation is greater than 90%, and it is calibrated in accordance with NIST standards.

Intelligent control
· The system cooperates with the self-developed operating software to realize the functions of stage temperature control, fast gathering, video imaging, and automatic analysis.

● Software & System
· Status display: It displays the status of device connection, camera temperature, door opening and closing in real time.
· Height setting: You can set the height of the stage and the height of the animal, close to the animal, and focus the imaging at a close distance, improving the sensitivity of in vivo detection.
· Imaging modes: support single or time-lapse imaging, and video recording, these modes can independently adjust the frame rate.
· File security: All data can be saved as .blt format files, automatically saved in the computer to avoid data loss.
· Video processing: It can load .blt format files, and for video files it can also display a frame list, which is convenient for dragging to the specified position.
· Analysis function: It includes adding annotations, ROIs analysis, multi-image combination analysis, and length measurement.
· Statistical analysis: It can directly analyze the video file frame by frame for statistical analysis of heartbeat and respiratory rate, and directly generate a line graph.
· Security protocol: The software has a multi-level user management function that complies with GLP specifications, and will automatically generate system logs to ensure data safety and reliability.
· Three-dimensional data: the software can export 3D peak images.· International Unit: It is quantified by the photon (p/s/cm2/sr)/excitation intensity (uw/cm2) radiated by the animal's body surface per unit time, unit area, and unit radian angle.

● Application

Thyroid tumor metastasis (GFP)

Tumor Model (RFP)

Subcutaneous tumor (mCherry)

Drug targeting (cy5.5)

Liver Cancer Growth Research (DiR)

Distribution of stem cells (DiR)