1500ProⅡ Automated Gel Imaging System


GelView 1500ProⅡ is a fully automatic, easy-to-use gel imaging system suitable for a wide range of basic research in UV, blue and white light imaging. Sample formats include agarose gels, Coomassie blue stained gels, petri dishes, 96-well plates, etc.


1. Various UV and blue light excitation sample imaging: such as EB, GoldViewTM, GeneFinderTM, SYBRTM Green, etc
2. Visible light excitation sample imaging: such as silver staining gel, test staining gel, colony, bacteriostatic circle, microplate, dot hybridization, film, etc.


1. Nucleic acid gel imaging, protein gel imaging, etc. that satisfy a variety of dye staining.

2. Ultra-high resolution digital camera: 1.4 million effective pixels with extremely high resolution.

3. F1.2/8-48mm zoom lens, auto focus, no manual adjustment required.

4. UV lamp delay (customizable) off and switch door UV automatic closing function.

5. Analyze and calculate pictures of various gel electrophoresis, clone counting, microplates, bacteriostatic circles, antibiotic titers, object slices, etc;

6. With UV observation port and glue cutting port;

7. The light source can be selected according to the needs, and observation can be performed without a computer.