GelView 6000Plus Smart Gel Imaging System


GelView 6000Plus is a versatile, integrated gel and chemiluminescence imaging system that is widely used in molecular biology research. The design not only takes into account the imaging field requirements of the agarose nucleic acid gel experiment, but also takes into account the sensitivity and linearity required for chemiluminescence imaging experiments.At the same time, it is also equipped with a multi-color fluorescent module, which can fully meet the needs of various gels (agar Sugar gels, polyacrylamide gels, etc.), blotting membranes (Western, Southern, and Northern, etc.), and experimental needs for tissue fluorescence imaging or small animal live imaging (GFP, RFP, etc.).


1. Used in various chemiluminescence imaging, such as ECL, ECLPlus, SuperSignal, etc.

2. For multicolor fluorescence imaging, such as Cy2, Cy3, Cy5, GFP, SYBR Green, SYBR Safe, SYBR Gold, FITC, Fluorescein, Texas Red, fluorescent plates, etc.

3. DNA/RNA, protein gel electrophoresis imaging for dyeing various dyes;

4. For imaging of various hybrid membranes such as Western, Norther, Southern, Dot/Slot blot;

5. Other applications, such as petri dish colony counts, microplates, autoradiographic film analysis, and the like.


1. Imaging for chemiluminescence, multicolor fluorescence, gelation, etc.;
2. High-resolution CCD: using a 6 megapixel CCD with extremely high resolution and sensitivity;
3. CCD: Deeply cooled CCD (up to 55 ℃ at ambient temperature), which can perform long-term luminescence imaging;
4. Fast cooling speed: 3min can cool down to -20 ℃ (absolute temperature);
5. Comes with a high-performance Windows tablet computer, full touch screen operation, more intelligent;
6. Sample platform: double-layer adjustable stage to meet the needs of different imaging fields;
7. Pixel merging: through pixel merging (up to 24 × 24) to further improve the sensitivity of chemiluminescence imaging and capture weak luminescence signals;
8. Lens: F0.95 super large aperture electric fixed focus lens with auto focus function, can automatically focus on the sample taken;
9. Up to five kinds of fluorescent excitation light, which can meet various fluorescence experiments including multi-color fluorescent WB experiments.
10. Capacitive touch switch integrated in the LOGO to reduce physical buttons on the body;
11. Electric control stage, infrared inductive power switch, no need to touch, reduce pollution.