SkyScan1276 X-ray micro-tomography system


High-resolution X-ray biomicroscopy system SKYSCAN 1276 is a high-performance in vivo microscopic CT scanner for preclinical research. Large x-ray cameras combine resolution, image field size, and scan speed to the utmost degree-all that is needed for a busy and demanding biomedical research laboratory. Supports whole scans of rats and forelimb scans of large animals such as rabbits. Variable x-ray applied voltage and filters provide scanning flexibility and support imaging of a wide range of samples including lung tissue and bones with titanium implants. Rat animal beds can be made from carbon fiber or polystyrene foam. An integrated physiological monitoring subsystem provides breathing and heartbeat control to reliably improve synchronized chest imagery.

High-resolution X-ray biomicroscopy system SKYSCAN 1276 Features

The full range of SKYSCAN software provided includes rapid volume reconstruction, 2D / 3D quantitative analysis software, and 3D visualization. In addition, 4D time-resolved microtomography software is also provided as standard. The scanner works in "button" mode, starting / stopping scanning and setting protocols from the touch screen. The touch screen can be operated with gloves.


Specifications for animal and sample scanning:
Continuously variable magnification up to 2.8 μm nominal spatial resolution
Step-and-shoot and continuous rack rotation, with a minimum scan time of 3.9 seconds
Up to 8000x8000 pixels per reconstruction fault, more than 1600 faults in a single scan

Circular and helical scanning with unlimited ring rotation due to slip ring connection
Equipped with standard reconstruction method, GPU-accelerated reconstruction method and super InstaRecon layered reconstruction method, making the reconstruction speed more than 10 times of the traditional reconstruction algorithm
Peak X-ray energy can be adjusted freely between 20-100 kV; 6-stage automatic filter converter
Bruker microCT's spatial beam shaper reduces radiation dose by 2-3 times while minimizing the impact on image quality
Integrated physiological monitoring system with respiratory sensors, ECG, temperature stabilization and body motion detection, enabling 4D (time-resolved) heartbeat and respiratory-gated microtomography
Easy-to-replace mouse and rat animal beds with an anesthetic gas mask and circuit interface to connect all physiological sensors, insert or remove animal beds with one click
The dosimeter on the screen shows the dose applied to the animal based on the analysis of the X-ray projection image
Integrated touch screen allows researchers to control main system functions while wearing gloves
Reconstruction results can be sent directly to mobile terminals, such as iPad, iPhone or Android phones and tablets, enabling volume reconstruction 3D viewing using the included software
System comes with GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) software package