WB-600Auto Automatic Western Blot System


WB-600Auto Automatic Western Blot Processing System is a fully automatic Western blot processing system that replaces tedious, mechanical, repetitive and tedious manual experiments with instruments. Efficiently, quickly, and automatically complete the process of blocking, washing, and incubating protein membranes in WB experiments.
Simply put the protein-transferred membrane into the system, prepare the corresponding reagents, and set the program, and the remaining work will be done automatically by WB-600Auto. Up to 30 independently-operable liquid pumps can process up to 6 membranes at the same time, and each channel can place sample slots of different specifications, and can independently set program operation without interference with each other to achieve high throughput.


1, save time

No need for cumbersome mechanical closure, membrane washing, and incubation. Simply prepare the reagents and set up the program to automate all the rest.

2, cost savings
Fully compatible with conventional reagents, no special reagents. Automatic recovery of primary antibody, blocking solution, etc. can be set, and the storage location of the reagent can realize refrigeration and heat preservation, realize reuse, and save reagent cost.

3, better repeatability
Standardized operating procedures reduce random errors in manual operations (loading volume, incubation time, etc.).

4, high throughput
Simultaneous operation of up to 6 membranes/glue can be performed, each tank can be operated independently, and the results of 6 experimental conditions can be compared at the same time, such as: different types of blocking solution, antibody concentration, incubation time, washing times, etc. Improve work efficiency.

5, more flexible

A variety of different sizes of incubators are available for different sizes of membranes/glue.

6, smarter

Full touch screen operation, the loading volume, incubation time, number of cleaning times, and oscillation time of each step can be set independently.