Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter


Accurate cell viability data in 10 seconds
With the option for fluorescence capabilities—brightfield and two user-changeable fluorescence channels—the Invitrogen Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter can count cells, monitor fluorescent protein expression, and measure cell viability in as little as 10 seconds. Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter has a reusable slide option that helps reduce the long-term consumable costs of automated counting significantly. Convenient disposable slides are also available.

 · Fluorescence capabilities—two optional, user-changeable fluorescent channels (>20 fluorescent light cubes to choose from)
 · Reusable slide option—reusable glass slide helps significantly reduce the long-term consumable costs of automated counting


Fluorescence capabilities—select any two fluorescence colors from 20 light cube options

The Countess II FL instrument has two optional fluorescence channels. The fluorescent colors collected are determined by the insertion of individual light cubes. With 20 light cubes to choose from, the Countess II FL instrument is not limited to detection of GFP- and RFP-expressing cells. Looking to measure the transfection efficiency of cells transduced with an RFP-expression construct with a blue nuclear counterstain? No problem. Simply add the RFP and DAPI light cubes, and you can effectively count the number of cells expressing the RFP fusion within the total population and accurately determine the transfection efficiency.

Gating based on fluorescence intensity helps enable more accurate counts
The ability to use up to two customizable fluorescence colors with the Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter allows for more accurate counts when dealing with complex samples that contain significant amounts of platelets, RBCs, or debris. In addition, the ability to gate based on fluorescence intensity to determine how many cells are dim vs. bright, or are expressing a fluorescent protein, can save time and effort prior to downstream analysis with techniques such as flow cytometry or high-content analysis .

Cell viability assessment is more accurate
Assessing cell viability is a key step in daily cell manipulation, and is required for accurate and efficient downstream processing. With the Countess II FL instrument, there are many fluorescence options in addition to trypan blue staining to quickly and easily check viability prior to downstream sample analysis. 

Apoptosis and viability, in one count
In addition to cell viability, knowing how many cells are dead or dying are key pieces of information that can be determined quickly with the Countess II FL instrument. Cells of interest can be stained with a viability dye such as Invitrogen SYTOX Red Dead Cell Stain, as well as an apoptosis indicator that measures caspase activation, such as Invitrogen CellEvent Caspase-3/7 Green Detection Reagent. This staining combination, used together with EVOS GFP and Cy5 light cubes, offers a fast and simple method to obtain apoptosis and viability data.