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Illumina's bioinformatics and software parse data generated using our sequencing instruments. The cloud software approach delivers high-quality solutions in a secure, scalable and compliant environment. Manage, analyze, interpret and share data. Get your genomics program up and running quickly with our easy informatics tools.


The MiSeqDx and NextSeq 550Dx platforms were built for clinical applications, and their stable solutions bring deeper insights into genetic testing.

From the iSeq system to the NextSeq system, our low-throughput systems leverage Illumina NGS technology in an easy-to-use desktop format that makes it easy for almost any laboratory to advance their research.
With NovaSeq 6000's unprecedented capabilities, we are revolutionizing genomics. You can now use large-scale sequencing for high-throughput studies in a variety of applications.

Turn instrument-generated data into meaningful insights
Operational monitoring and instrument performance
Monitor instrument operation from anywhere. Maximize the performance of the sequencer and identify potential problems when sending data about the operation of the instrument.
Comprehensive interpretation and reporting
Annotate and filter variations, review supporting evidence, and create germline and somatic cancer data reports.

One-click data analysis

Access a variety of NGS data analytics applications from Illumina and our evolving supplier ecosystem.

Data management and collaboration
Store and manage data easily and affordably with secure, HIPAA - and ISO-compliant cloud solutions. Easy collaboration through data transfer and sharing tools.