Chapter 1 live a good life

One, improve the heart letter

1. Get along with others with a kind and sincere heart:

The joy of others as their own joy, not only hope themselves, but also hope that everyone around can get happiness.The thought produced by the heart of kindness and sincerity is the basis of leading people to success.

2. Have a heart of honesty:

Honesty is the mother of progress.With the heart of honesty, we can gather people with the same mentality, gather our strength, and push our cause forward in a better direction.

3, must always adhere to modesty:

Modesty is the prime motivity to acquire knowledge.The humility to admit your shortcomings and work hard, the habit of listening to others' opinions, and the habit of self-reflection are also the foundation for building healthy relationships within the company.

4. Be grateful:

We are where we are today, able to work without the support of customers, suppliers, colleagues, family and friends.Be grateful to them and become interdependent partners to promote the development of their career.Gratitude can beautify the mind and make the destiny itself bright. In other words, gratitude can bring good luck.

5. Stay optimistic:

To be hopeful, optimistic and active in the future is the first requirement for the smooth development of one's life and career.Everyone can have a wonderful life, first to believe this, and then to work as hard as anyone, then your future will be better.We should view people and things from the perspective of kindness, optimism and optimism. No matter what happens, we should interpret them from the perspective of positive and goodwill.

 Two,Think about life

6. Love work, self-combustion, and ignite team spirit:

The best way to do a perfect job is to love the company and the job.Only by elevating the mentality to such a state, can we achieve brilliant success in the work.In addition, you must have a self-burning passion. To be self-burning, you must have a clear goal in addition to loving your work.

7. Build partnership for his benefit:

Only the trust relationship as the basis, we can honestly communicate with each other, problems will be clear at a glance, work will be smooth progress.Mutual understanding is the first condition of trust, the company organized a variety of activities is an important way to enhance mutual understanding, so must participate in the company's various activities.At the same time, we must have the spirit of dedication for partners and colleagues and be willing to help others.

8, serious efforts, down-to-earth, implement perfectionism:

If you want to make your efforts to produce greater results, you must work hard, keep your nose to the grindstone, persevere, and pursue perfection.In the process of creative efforts, continuous improvement and improvement, will naturally find the essence of things.

9. Be the center of the team:

To be successful, you need to take responsibility at work, be the center of the team, and actively engage those around you.

10. Lead by example:

Leaders should have the courage to "lead the way". They should be the first to follow the example. Even in a job that others hate, they should take the lead and take a positive and challenging attitude.On the other hand, be human, get on well with anyone, and have a great personality.

11. Power in the center of the sumo table:

The center of the sumo platform was regarded as the boundary, and from the very beginning, the center of the sumo platform refused to give way.In this way, even if accidents happen in the middle of the process, because there is still room for "sumo platform boundary", we can calmly take measures, to use this mentality to work.

12, get rid of selfish, outspoken admonition:

When judging things, always ask yourself if you are right and whether you are selfish.In order to do a good job in a responsible manner, people involved in the work should sincerely point out shortcomings and problems to each other and tell each other the truth.

13, dare to challenge, become a pioneer:

If you want to succeed in your career, you need to constantly challenge new things or difficult things. You need to have a strong desire and fighting spirit like a Wolf, and motivate yourself to "succeed no matter what".Do what others do not do, take the initiative to open up a road that no one has gone through, although accompanied by great hardships, but through the development of untrodden areas, you can start a brilliant career.

14. Believe in yourself and pursue the infinite possibilities of your ability:

It is impossible to challenge new things and accomplish difficult tasks simply by judging "yes or no" based on existing abilities. It is impossible to believe that people's abilities can be expanded indefinitely through continuous efforts. People's abilities should be in the future tense.

15. Persistence:

There are all kinds of obstacles in the process of work, especially when starting a new business, there are often objections and various kinds of resistance.Different attitudes can lead to different results, which requires the courage of our convictions, without which we cannot achieve creative and innovative careers.

16. Optimistic conception, pessimistic plan and optimistic implementation:

To succeed in a new career, we must first set our goals optimistically, believe in the infinite possibilities that god has given us, and say to ourselves, "I can, I will succeed."However, when it comes to the formulation of the implementation plan, we should take a pessimistic view of the concept, envisage all possible problems, and think carefully about the countermeasures.And in the implementation phase, we must grasp the "will succeed" self-confidence, determined to put the plan into practice.

17, bold and careful, carefully hone their judgment:

Boldness is a powerful way to move your career forward. Carefulness is a way to prevent failure.No matter when, no matter what kind of environment, no matter how small things, should pay close attention to, concentrate on thinking, seriously.Only by cultivating this quality, no matter what happens, we can grasp its core immediately and solve it quickly.

18. Implement the spirit of fair competition, and pay attention to the distinction between public and private:

To make our workplace always full of vitality, full of refreshing atmosphere, is to let every member should be a fair competition players, to create a relatively fair competitive atmosphere within the company.Work to strictly distinguish between public and private, to strictly prohibit the handling of private affairs in the working hours, strict self-discipline, not lax on the daily things.

19. Have the real courage to blaze your own path:

Dare to do the right thing in the right way to the end.To keep our company excellent and sustainable development in the future, it is up to each of us to do our best in our respective positions and fulfill our due responsibilities.

20, life, work results = way of thinking * enthusiasm * ability:

Enthusiasm and ability from 0 to 100 points, thinking mode from -100 to +100, ability and enthusiasm is important, but the most important is thinking mode, negative thinking mode can only lead to negative life results, "thinking mode" is the key factor to determine the life and change the fate.

21, seriously live each day:

Cherish yourself, one day at a time, one moment at a time, extremely seriously live well, stick to it, your life will be presented with a different brilliant image with others.

22, describe the dream, what you want:

Even in the face of harsh reality, in the face of the future, can describe the dream, will determine our life.The results of things are often implied by the mind, if the mind is always thinking "no matter how to succeed", it will be able to succeed;"It may not work, it may fail." it fails when it gets inside you.

23, pure motivation, no selfish:

When you picture your big dreams and put them into action, you must ask yourself: "is the motivation good?Selfish?".Only with pure heart as the benchmark of judgment and decision, then his life must be smooth.

24, life must always reflect:

If you want to improve yourself, you must be more strict than the law, often humble, deep reflection on yourself.


Chapter 2 everyone is an operator

25. Heart-based operation:

For the development of the company, everyone should do his best. Everyone is the operator.Employees trust each other, do not seek personal gain, proud to work for this company, and look forward to the growth of the company.

26. Implement customer supremacy:

All-round to meet the needs of customers, customer - centered is the foundation of business, can not do this, it is impossible to continue to make profits.

27. All employees participate in the operation, unify the direction and form a resultant force:

Everyone can voice their opinions, advise the business, and participate in the development of business plans.When everyone is involved in the operation to achieve their own, this is also suitable for the various activities organized by the company, and like the work, requires full participation;To let the employees understand the direction of the company's development, everyone in one direction to form a synergy.

28. Implementing the doctrine of strength:

The head of each department should be someone with real strength.People with real strength, not only have the ability to be competent, but also have a noble personality, worthy of dependence, willing to play their own ability for the interests of all.

29. Emphasis on partnership:

The relationship between colleagues is not a vertical subordinate relationship, but a horizontal partnership, a gay relationship.Partners understand and trust each other.

30. Attaching importance to originality:

With a strong sense of mission to succeed no matter what, study innovation every day, step by step accumulation, will breed outstanding inventions.

31. Open and transparent operation:

Operating on the basis of trust, the operating performance of all departments are disclosed to all staff.

32. Ability to use the future tense, set a high goal:

Set a new goal, dare to set the goal on their own ability, to believe that ability will progress.You can't do it now, but you can do it anyway by constantly improving your ability.Only by setting high goals, only by being ambitious, optimistic, drawing a grand blueprint and setting a great goal, can we achieve great success.With high goals and hard work, the future will be created.

33, the goal to be known, thoroughly implement:

In order to achieve the goal, must let the staff know this goal, and thoroughly implement, everyone regard this goal as their own goal.

34, pricing is the operation, everyone is the operator:

On the basis of correctly understanding the value of their products, the operator must find the maximum value of the product volume multiplied by the profit margin.

35. Maximize sales and minimize expenses:

To achieve a high degree of detailed budget items, so that each employee can clearly understand the root cause of the problem, the production of "detail, at a glance" budget items table, is to achieve the "cost minimization" secret, is also one of the keys to the enterprise operation.

36. Reduce inventory and improve cash flow:

"Buy what is needed now", prevent the occurrence of bad assets, once there is bad assets, it is necessary to deal with immediately.

Chapter 3 routine work

37. Plan and summarize every day's work:

While working hard, we should arrange the work schedule in a planned way.Think every day, reflect every day, "is there a better way?"Keep thinking about how to improve, so that repeated study, can make continuous progress.

38, make perfect products, know how to listen to the sound of products:

The products we make must be flawless.In order to improve product quality, we should start from observing the product. In the long-term observation process, we can hear the sound of the product and then find out the problems in the production process.Only those who take things seriously can find problems and anomalies.

39. Attach importance to experience and implement sitism:

Only by combining experience with theory, can we achieve outstanding technology development and make perfect products. Only by going to the site frequently can we find solutions to product problems.

40. Implement the principle of one-to-one correspondence:

In the transaction, not general accounting, must be clear, corresponding processing.Whether it is people, goods or money, once in and out, it must be accompanied by bills, which can improve the transparency of the business and prevent violations.

41. Implement the principle of double confirmation:

In order to prevent errors and misconduct, it is necessary to establish a multi-department, multi-person double confirmation system, especially the management of money and goods, must implement the principle of double confirmation.

42. Keep things simple:

The simpler you look at things, the closer they are to what they really are.