Guangzhou Yunxing Scientific Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional instrument and reagent supply company in the field of scientific experiments. It is the sole agent of many high-tech products of international advanced level, and develops and provides biotechnology research and development, technology and consulting services. . The company headquarters is established in Guangzhou.

       Guangzhou Yunxing Scientific Equipment Co.,Ltd., Ltd. takes Guangzhou as the headquarters of Greater China. In recent years, the company has developed rapidly. It has set up offices in Guangdong, Wuhan, Guizhou and Guangxi. The scope is medical, biological engineering, molecular biology, chemistry and chemical engineering, materials science and other scientific research projects such as biochemistry, agriculture, environmental protection and quality control. The market is distributed in Hong Kong and China. In addition, Yunxing also supplies various medical and scientific instruments, consumables and reagents in the Hong Kong market to private and public clinical laboratories. Yunxing not only provides the world's most advanced scientific research instruments for scientific research in universities, hospitals, laboratories and industrial fields, but also professionally provides comprehensive after-sales service to customers. Yunxing is a world-renowned manufacturer and has strong sales expertise.

Guangzhou Yunxing Scientific Equipment Co.,Ltd. professional manufacturer as scientific experiment field in Hong Kong and mainland China general agent, recommend the world's most advanced high-tech products to the domestic engaged in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biochemistry, ecology, environmental science, chemistry science and material science researchers.As a professional product supply company, yunxing scientific instrument co., ltd. has been constantly tracking the development frontier of various disciplines and making efforts to recommend the latest and most advanced methods and technologies to domestic researchers, so that China's research and development can keep up with the world trend.
Guangzhou Yunxing Scientific Equipment Co.,Ltd.. Gathers a young, professional, vigorous, full of team spirit team, in line with the "integrity, professional" business philosophy and the "pioneering, innovative" spirit, yunxing will be dedicated to provide you with perfect, professional services.